At the Intersection of Trauma and Attachment

Children with trauma histories and children with disrupted attachment relationships often present with the same list of problematic behaviors and very similar treatment challenges.  This workshop explores why this is true using information from neurobiology and attachment theory.

Healing Attachment Wounds in Play Therapy

This workshop explores the basics of attachment with a focus on why attachment is so crucial to development.  Learn about the impact of disrupted attachment on social/emotional development, and explore techniques for gaining the trust of attachment-challenged children. Most importantly, you will learn how to offer an emotionally corrective experience in the playroom.

Intro to Play Therapy

This workshop is intended for therapist who are new to working with children.  It covers the basic principals of non-directive play therapy and offers valuable techniques for building rapport, assessing level of function, expanding emotional vocabulary, managing impulses and more!

Conflict Resolution in the Preschool Years

Peer to peer conflict in the preschool years is frequent and can begin to feel overwhelming and exhausting to teachers. This workshop provides practical ideas on how to help children learn to manage there own conflicts, as conflicts provide opportunities for children to learn how to get along with one another. Through the […]

Circle-Time Magic

This workshop will teach you to promote social and emotional development through whole group activities.

Circle time offers a wonderful opportunity to assist children with the development of strong social skills.  This workshop offers teachers an overall framework for thinking about circle time as well as specific actives to promote body awareness and impulse […]