Parent Consultation

There is no shortage of advice available to parents. Books, magazines, teachers, in-laws and other parents all have something to say. Sifting through that advice and finding solutions that work for your family can be daunting. Parent consultation is an opportunity to look at problem behavior through the lens of your values, your skills and […]

Raising Emotionally Healthy Children

As parents, we are pretty clear on the basics of raising physically healthy children (nutrition, exercise, sleep, hygiene). But we receive relatively little information about supporting children’s emotional health. This is unfortunate because emotional health is key to living a stable, happy and successful life. In the absence of guidance, we as parents tend to […]

Individual Play Therapy

I meet with the child in my office usually once a week. I have a wide range of toys, games and activities available to assist in understanding and communicating with the child. Individual play therapy creates a safe place for the child to heal and grow. I meet regularly with parents during this process to […]

Family Play Therapy

Family dynamics may be holding unwanted patterns of behavior in place. Family therapy can help family members to understand these patterns, and to open up the lines of communication. Through this process, family members can learn to take on more open and authentic roles. Family therapy is often used to help family members adjust following […]

Filial Therapy

In filial therapy the therapist teaches the parent the skills used in non-directive play therapy. Filial therapy is used to strengthen the relationship between parent and child, and help the parent better understand the child’s world. The skills taught in filial therapy can then be used to address everyday conflicts between parent and child.