Consultation for Therapists

I offer consultation for therapists who work primarily with children as well as for those who work primarily with adults.

I am often sought out by fellow play therapists because of my extensive background in child development and my hand’s on experience with children. I offer the opportunity to understand the principles and techniques of play […]

Teacher Consultation

If you are having trouble with your students’ potty training/toileting or tantrums and other challenging behavior, OR if you are having trouble discussing behavioral issues with parents of your students, set up a one-on-one consultation with me. I will help you come up with proactive strategies for working with children and/or parents.

Parent Consultation

There is no shortage of advice available to parents. Books, magazines, teachers, in-laws and other parents all have something to say. Sifting through that advice and finding solutions that work for your family can be daunting. Parent consultation is an opportunity to look at problem behavior through the lens of your values, your skills and […]